Location: Oranjested, St. Eustatius

Today started much too early for most people aboard Ocean Star as we had a sunrise hike on our agenda. The shipmates groggily stumbled from bed like zombies, but upon arriving on the island of Ile Forche, everyone perked up as we climbed our way up the jagged peaks in time to catch the sunrise over the horizon. As a natural early riser, I’m always the first up on the boat and therefore am somewhat of a connoisseur of sunrises in the Caribbean. I must say, today’s sunrise was probably one of the most beautiful sunrises this semester! The sun streaked in perfectly formed beams, which reflected across the clouds in a range of colors from soft hues of lavender to vibrant oranges. It was the perfect opportunity to reflect on our experiences from the past 60 days and think about what we look forward to accomplishing and learning in the remainder of our dwindling time aboard Ocean Star. Afterward, we returned for a quick breakfast and prepared for our sail to Statia. Once underway, our Captain decided the wind was finally right for putting up a rarely used sail, the Fisherman. Once it was up, it was a beautiful sightseeing Ocean Star with 5 of our 6 sails in place. Having settled into a fairly constant speed, the shipmates enjoyed a fun MTE lab to estimate our time of arrival to the beautiful island of Statia. After dropping pieces of bread in the water and timing the speed it took for the bread to travel the length of the boat, the shipmates started plugging numbers into calculations and determining their best guess. They then reported their results to Kevin and to make things more interesting. Everyone added a little friendly wager. Marc ended up calculating the winning time- to the minute and ended up with a bounty ranging from a pudding cup to a bag of Skittles. Once anchored, we settled into our BA (boat appreciation) routine, then enjoyed a much-deserved cool-down in the crystal clear waters off of Statia. We enjoyed a fabulous dinner of Mexican Lasagna, then capped off the evening with an Oceanography class and the final episode of “Deadliest Catch.”