Location: St. Eustatius

I wonder if the shipmates ever dreamed that their trip aboard Ocean Star would have them diving down 90ft to explore a wreck in the pristine blue waters of the Caribbean. For that is exactly what we did today. This morning we had the pleasure of diving the Charlie Brown, an old AT and T cable laying vessel. This 300 ft ship was purposefully sunk by the Statia marine park to allow visitors to come dive on a world class wreck. With a 100+ft swim through this was a dive I’m sure nobody will soon forget. Even on our safety stop we had plenty to see when a school of horse eye jacks decided to check us out as we were hanging off the morning line at 15ft. What a sweet dive! Yet the fun did not stop there. Today we also performed two research dives where we collected sediment cores. These cores are for a past Sea|mester staff member who is now working on a PhD program. I think it provides a great opportunity for people to actually get involved in research and see how the process works in the field. What a sweet day of diving in Statia….