Location: St. Eustatius

We awoke to green scramble eggs, fruit cake, and Gatorade in celebration of St. Patty’s Day. Then we headed to shore for our hike to the crater along the Quill trail. It was a nice, leisurely hike first through Statia’s suburbs and then through a shady forest trail. We saw lots of big hermit crabs, black racer snakes (harmless), and lizards. Casey, Marc and Gio decided to race their hermit crabs. Gio’s won with flying colors. We arrived at the top around 9:30am. We then split up and headed in groups exploring different trails. Allison, Jenny and I hiked up to the Panorama View point which wasn’t very panoramic. Then we headed back down town and met up with everyone and had Chinese food. Afterwards, we got delicious ice cream and shopped at the grocery store. Casey, Allison and I went to the Fort and took pictures and then caught up with everyone at the dive shop buying t-shirts. We were picked up at 2:30pm and spent the rest of the day doing our own tasks, like boat work, laundry, studying or practicing chart navigation. We had corned beef stew with freshly baked bread for dinner and an oceanography quiz afterwards. I really enjoyed Statia and thought the old Dutch cobblestone part of town was really neat.