Location: Phuket, Thailand

This morning began with Claire at the helm and James running the anchor team, as the rest of the crew prepared Argo for another day of racing. Sail covers were removed, halyards put on, and sheets run in record time as we moved from Chalong Bay to the start line for Day 3 of the Kings Cup Regatta. As our countdown began, we sailed along parallel to the start line, turning and crossing the line just as the horn marked the beginning of the Classics Race. Our perfect start made for some excellent photos for photographers nearby. As Sunshine and we took off on our first windward leg of the race, we manned our sails with perfection. Today’s race was a diamond shape, with two upwind and two downwind legs. Each time we approached a mark, everyone quickly jumped to his or her positions, sheeting in or out, tacking or jibing like we had been doing this for years. Even though these past few days are some of the first times this semester that a number of the crew have had a chance to handle some of Argo’s particular sails, they are all doing it with ease and confidence. Tonight we look forward to hearing our placement for the day and currently are preparing for an interview with some local photographers. Can’t wait for two more days of racing.