Location: Phuket, Thailand

For our second day of the Kings Cup Regatta, everyone got up early in the morning, eager to ready the boat for another day of sailing. Having come behind our only competitor, Sunshine, by a mere nine minutes of adjusted time yesterday, we were eager for another chance at a challenge. Fortunately, the actual finish time is adjusted to allow for the different sail plans and designs of our two vessels. We set out on a long course of 24 nautical miles, and within the first hour, were passed by the other boat. However, the wind was much more constant than the previous day, and we were able to reach a speed of ten knots, the fastest we have gone on the trip so far. Everyone was more than pleased to once again feel the boat keeled over and enjoyed stumbling around the boat with it tilted at such an angle in the wind. Upon a fluid completion of the race, we put away the sails and went on shore to partake in the valued resources of wifi and snacks. Our pleasure was only hampered by the race directors coming over the radio, announcing Argo had come in second place by a mere two seconds. Going to sleep tonight, we are filled with a new sense of restlessness, namely the knowledge that victory is within our grasp. Luckily, we have three more days of races to prove ourselves; fingers crossed that the wind keeps up for tomorrow!