Location: Ilet du Gosier

This morning we woke with the adventure of sailing from the Saints to Ilet du Gosier, an island just of Guadeloupe. After breakfast we began to get underway only to find that we had dragged back 20ft or so onto a mooring chain which we had noticed on a dive the previous day. Needless to say, this slowed down our progress as someone needed to dive down and clear the anchor from the mooring chain. This only took 10 minutes or so and then we were underway again. As we were sailing out of the harbor in the Saints a high powered transatlantic racing trimaran sped past us showing off its incredible speed. The sail over to Guadeloupe was a nice casual close haul and only took us till just after noon when we dropped anchor in the lee of Ilet du Gosier. After having lunch the shipmates were free to explore the small island and snorkel its reefs until they were ready to come back to the boat and revise for this evening’ s OCB exam. Just before dinner the heavens opened and Ocean Star received a nice fresh water shower which meant that we had to eat down below, a new experience for us all. As I have mentioned this evenings entertainment’ is an OCB exam so good luck to all those who are taking it. Well it was another great day in paradise and I am exhausted again after a long day of adventure.