Location: Pigeon Island, Guadeloupe

We started off this morning “Show and Tell” presentations on the critters that were rounded up on last night’s Arthropod and Echinoderm Night Dive Hunt! The shipmates presented their knowledge on animals such as the Spiny Lobster, the Donkey Dung Sea Cucumber, the Basket Starfish, and the Helmet Shell (amongst others) with live models! Very well done! After the marine life was brought safely back to their natural habitats, we switched gears and got right into some sailing drills. The crew got out the famous Fisherman sail. We learned how to set it, strike it, and finally how to tack/jibe it. Once everyone quickly mastered the sail trim on the Fisherman, we got the Flying Jib out, and finally, all SIX sails were up! Sailing along in all her glory, Ocean Star made her way up the coast of Guadeloupe while many boats steered close to get a better look and take pictures. Alas, we anchored right off the coast of Guadeloupe and next to Pigeon Island, Jacque Cousteau’s favorite dive site. The students then finished up and turned in their second Marine Bio literature review on Marine Protected Areas (quite fitting since we are anchored in one right now)! For dinner, the crew enjoyed a delicious meal of potato leek soup and Caesar salad made by head chef Noah and sous chef Ivy (recipe credit due to Noah’s mom, Thank you! So good!). Next up is MTE class, where Jack and Matty will teach some more fundamentals on chart plotting! Au Revoir!