Location: Underway to Christmas Island in the Indian Ocean

Mustering for the squeeze tonight before dinner, you would never know that these 23 friends met less than a month ago. You would never think that we were in the middle of our first test week. And you would never believe the journey we’ve been on. We woke up this morning to yet another beautiful sunrise and what would clearly be a great day. With our journey across the Indian underway, we are sailing with all six sails full. Today we were all thrilled to reach our top speed of 8.5 knots, but I couldn’t help thinking it was a little bittersweet. The journey that I’ve experienced has been something I could never have imagined and could only try to explain. So reaching our personal best time today just reinforces that life upon Argo flies by. I can’t wait to see what else this journey has in store and just pray it’s one I never forget.