Location: Underway to Antigua

An outstanding sailing adventure to Antigua was had today ! The Ocean star crew woke up early at 6 AM going straight to passage prep. We had a successful sail raise in a rapid time as the leaders were on top of their game. After picking up some wind we were then divided into our watch teams and the sail was on! Some high seas kicked in with the wind making Ocean Star look sexy with 5 sails catching gusts. Before the crew had lunch Kevin spotted a pilot whale catching air at the surface and immediately yelled, “WHALE!” and everyone scrambled up on deck to try and catch a glimpse. After eating delicious chilli dogs we soon arrived at one of the most historic harbors in the Caribbean, English Harbour. An effective boat appreciation session was then done with ease as the crew sexied up Ocean Star ready for the arrival of Travis (the boss man) tomorrow. We then were rewarded with a nice hike up to Shirley Heights where we had a dinner out and then enjoyed a live band playing the steel drums, giving off good vibes and the crew danced the night away. Overall a pretty fantastic day.