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This morning, the crew was woken up at 7 AM. We had cereal for breakfast. After breakfast, the staff explained how daily life works on the boat. Everyone has a different job every day. These are determined by a wheel that we spin every day. This way, all the jobs rotate, and people can do different things; for example, today, I was the skipper. Once cleanup was over, we were briefed on all the safety equipment on the boat, from PFD (lifejacket) to life raft. In case of emergencies, we all have specific tasks to perform to be able to manage them as best as we can, even though everyone is trained to perform every task on the boat. Every scenario is organized like a meticulous ballet. After all the briefings, we left the dock and motored to Great Peter Harbor. We had lunch on the way. For lunch, we had sandwiches. As a French person, I did not know what ranch dressing was until today. It is … interesting. Once the vessel was moored, the certified divers jumped in the water for their swim test while the non-certified shipmates were having their first theoretical diving lesson. The swim test consisted of two parts. The first one was swimming four times around the ship. The second part consisted of floating for 10 min without submerging our heads. After that, everyone got to shower and chill until diner. For diner, we had shepherd’s pie and celebrated Savanna’s and Leoni’s birthday. It was a lot of fun!
Today was great. We got to know each other and leave the dock for the first time, which meant the adventure was finally starting.