Location: Underway to Bora Bora

Dawn is again in Cook’s Bay, and everyone is looking forward to getting to Bora Bora. Breakfast went by swiftly in order to get to class on time with the wonderful teacher Carolyn. Shortly after, we had to prepare Argo to go to sea; this is very important every time the vessel must be moved to another location. All moving items must be secured, sails have to be uncovered, and lines put into place, down below must be made tidy, and everyone has to be briefed about their duties while on “watch.” Before setting off, we reminded ourselves how important it is to keep hydrated, so we divided up into our three watch teams and played an H2O drinking game, team vs. team, to see which team would finish drinking their bottle of water first. So without any hesitation, we set off North Eastward throughout the afternoon, evening, and starry night towards Bora Bora. A few were looking a little pale but soon became good by morning. All and all, it was a great day. Again!