Location: Gran Canaria/Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today was a full day of excitement staring off with eating “egg in the middle,” “frog on a lily,” or “egg in a basket.” There was much debate over the proper name for this delicious breakfast. After we had breakfast, we got ready to go to Tenerife, which was about 50 nautical miles from Gran Canaria. While we were underway from Gran Canaria to Tenerife, we had our last watch team watches, as we will be mixed up and put into new watch teams before we leave for the Atlantic crossing. It was an awesome time being on watch and having fun with the new family that I get to be a part of. As we got into the harbor, one of our windlasses didn’t function quite right, and our anchor deployed before we intended it to. We had to tie a line to the chain and pull up the anchor back into its correct place. Imagine almost 30 people lined up along the deck, hauling up an extremely heavy anchor all in sync, under the instructions of “2-6, 2-6, 2-6” from our fearless captain Wiggy. It was a bonding moment for us all. Like a pro, Wiggy was able to dock the boat like it was nothing after we got the anchor back where we wanted it. Once our amazing captain docked our boat, we had cake for his belated birthday, which was delicious. The cake we had was a chocolate base with peanut butter frosting and chocolate chip on top. Thanks, Dana and Jonas, for the sweet treat! Now we are about to have a study party in the salon. We have one more midterm exam to take as well as several papers we are all working on, so Amanda is making popcorn, and we are going to buckle down to get some of our work done!

Pictured: Our delicious lunch of falafel nom noms prepared by head chef Ben; Oleg sleeping on deck during our passage; Dan fighting a war in the galley; a view of Tenerife as we approached the harbor; Watch Team 1 and a few others in the cockpit; Watch Team 3 being the best.

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