Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Today was a very very very special day. Our task was to do a thorough boat appreciation. Argo is a beautiful boat, and she looks sad when she’s dirty. We had to do a complete inventory and counting of all the food we had on board before the final grocery trip stop, and we had to clean every nook and cranny that we could find. We got new sheets on our bed, disinfected our bunks, scrubbed the deck, cleaned the bilges, washed the lines, and numerous other chores to get ready to cross the Atlantic. After all of our hard work, we had the rest of the day to walk around Santa Cruz de Tenerife, do homework, and have a final night out before the three-week passage across the ocean. As of right now, our beautiful schooner is looker cleaner than she did the first day we got here, and we all are mentally preparing for the challenges ahead.

Pictures: ARGO; Crew members scrubbing deck; Crew member cleaning one of our small boats Nopadone; Crew members attaching halyards, inventory of food; Argo crew eating breakfast.

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