Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Many would agree that you have to sacrifice something to gain another, today we sacrificed sleep for a once-in-a-lifetime view and climb in a beautiful landscape. It started with a gentle wakeup around 0600. What does the ‘O” stand for? Oh Boy, It’s Early! But we were rewarded with a delicious, healthy breakfast casserole of cheese, eggs, sausage, potatoes, red bell peppers, and some fresh baguette slices in there. After a quick bite and cleanup, it was time to walk to the mock big ben clock tower or the “Tower of Terror” to meet our bus. We all loaded ourselves into the bus with our fast shoes, water bottles, and Marine Biology notes to take a long bus ride to where the wild things are. After we got off the bus, we found ourselves on the edge of what seemed to be a jungle that we were nonetheless determined to conquer. This attitude and slippery slope eventually led us to amazing heights, long echoes off of the opposite mountainside caves, and a full cliff view of the ocean and the conquered mountains around it. We were especially able to see the view from the top of a large rock pillar that many of us scaled. After the large rock pillar, the trail went mostly downhill to lead us to the waterfront with many nice restaurants, tidal pools, and later a much nicer, a larger bus that took us back to the boat.

Luckily, after our nice adventure, we had some downtime to nap, work on papers, take showers, and study for our second Marine Biology Exam. Which later gave us some time to enjoy the surprisingly quiet City of Tenerife as well.
Altogether, it was a good day with lots of walking and exploring in this new place, and we all can say we are appreciative of those who have made this possible for us. Thank you. -Skipper Rick

Notes to home: to my mother, sister, and two brothers, I miss you all a lot, I’ll be sure to call when I can. Coach Romeo, I saw a wrestling academy off the Coast of Africa! Coach Mullen, there were very few Harleys here, mostly weed wackers. Uncle Bill, I recruited some new prospects for our road trip this summer.