Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands

Another busy day is prepping for the Atlantic crossing! Today was our final day to do so, and many of us spent the majority of the day on shore trying to appreciate things we wouldn’t experience throughout the next 20ish days, like the solid and stationary ground, clean clothes, and sushi. Ironically, in the morning, we had a seamanship class about determining our position from bearings based on objects on land, things we again would not see for 20ish days. After class, we got to “2-6” our instructor Dan up into the rigging so that he could install chafe gear for the passage ahead. Getting physically prepared has been an intensive process, and today our food provisioning arrived, and every nook and cranny of Argo is now packed to the brim with the most amount of food you could imagine. Mentally the crew is excited, but we are all struggling in our way to prepare. Saying goodbye to our families and trying to picture what life without land will be like for more than 7x what we have experienced so far is challenging, but we all know that we have each others backs and are doing something truly incredible. Next stop: the Caribbean!

To my family:
I love you all soooooo much, and I cant wait to hear about all the fun things you guys get into over the next couple of weeks. Dana, stay in school and stay away from boys. Mom, happy birthday! How about another 50?!? Dad give the doggo some extra scratches for me. Sarah, make sure Chris doesn’t burn Old K down. You are a firefighter now for goodness sake. I love you guys, and Ill see you soon.

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