Location: Underway to Dominica

Today was a day one of the Atlantic crossings, and it could not have been a perfect day on which to set off! We started the day with French toast, which was excellent and then moved into passage prep. The marina where we were tied up had a wall running along the dock where people would paint the names of their boat, so before we left, several people went ashore with spray paint and painted Argo’s name on the wall with all the others and then we were off! We got off the dock a little after 12:00, and as soon as we cleared the harbor, we were surrounded by a pod of pilot whales which we drifted along with for a couple of minutes while we were preparing to get the sails up. The wind was about 20kts from behind us, and we were able to put up the mainsail, main staysail, fore staysail, and jib right away. After all of the motoring that we had to do in the Mediterranean and along the coast of Africa, it was nice to be able to start with sails up and the motor off. The seas were almost flat for most of the day, and it was warm and sunny all day, which felt good after all the rain we have been getting on and off. Today was also the first day of our new watch teams, so for most people,, that means getting to have a different pair of staff to watch leaders and different jobs when we do emergency drills. It’s nice to be underway again, and Im looking forward to settling into the routine of watches and being at sea for the next couple of weeks.

Pictured: Sunny view of Argo; Cole, Sydney, and Claire leaving our mark at the dock in Tenerife.