Location: Underway to Dominica

November 9th, the first full day is sailing towards Dominica. Heading due south and averaging 6.5 knots, the Argo crew knocked out 200 nautical miles and are eagerly awaiting the 2600 more miles to come! Students acclimated to new watch groups and said goodbye to leaving members. Happy bellies full of tacos, pork, and freshly-caught Mahi Mahi marked the beginning of new adventures. Dolphins greeted the bow at sundown to the delight of crew members and students alike.

Alas, life underway is not all sunshine and rainbows; there’s work to be done! All food waste must be thrown overboard, non-perishables stored tightly in the anchor locker, and glass thrown overboard to become the sandy ocean floor. Toilets require to be pumped 50 times, and that’s only if you go to the bathroom once per day! Hoisting sails aren’t the only arm workouts we get each day. Just as the heads are frequented regularly, the chart house is the meeting spot for two watch members on the hour every hour. Barometric pressure, GPS Coordinates, wind speed, and engine info is collected among many others. Also, students must carefully crawl into the engine room for hourly checks, guaranteeing the safety of the boat. Some students may not know how to change the oil on a car engine, but they have now learned how to check the oil pressure on an eight-cylinder, 450 horsepower engine. Tasks like these help students realize how much they take for granted in their daily lives. Life on a boat forces you to think through every action and cut no corners. The prime focus of every crew member is the mindset needed to get Argo and her crew safely across the Atlantic.

Current Position:

Pictured: Recycling underway, engine room, and chart house