Location: Underway to Dominica

As the third day of our Atlantic crossing comes to a close, we are all starting to become more and more acclimated to the daily routines of life underway. We started off the day with sleep, oatmeal, and watch, depending on what watch team we are in. Lunch was rice, beans, zucchini, and a no-lettuce salad. As the afternoon flew by, we learned about VHF radios in Seamanship, and then about mammals in Marine Bio, followed by refreshing ocean showers with our fire hose. After some downtime and watches, we ate dinner of stuffed bell peppers and a dessert of banana bread. For tonight’s squeeze, I asked everyone to list two things: something they miss from home, and something they are going to miss from Argo. Here are a few of the responses:

Things we miss from home:
– Dogs and pets
– Family and friends
– Long, hot showers
– Freedom of being able to go anywhere, whether by car, bike, walking, or other transportation
– The laziness of normal life
– Not being seasick

Things we’ll miss from Argo:
– Having people around to talk to 24/7
– Making deep, genuine connections, and having real conversations
– Waking up in a new place every single day
– Learning new things every day
– Having the ability to be weird and have weird conversations without judgment, because we’re all in the same boat (no pun intended)
– Sailing
– Sleep schedules and watches

Listing things we’ll miss from Argo reminds us how fast the days are passing us by and how soon this experience will be over. Let this be a reminder to all of us to live in the moment, savor life, and don’t take what you have for granted. Looking forward to another 15 or so days of our big crossing!

Current position:

Pictured: The fire hose contraption we rig up for deck showers; (from left to right) Tait and Lexy enjoying banana bread on bow watch; (from left to right) Ben, Emmalee, CJ, Jackie, Natalie in line for banana bread after dinner.

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