Location: Underway to Domonica

Atlantic Crossing Day 4. I thought I was at the end of my rope before, and now we’re crossing Neptune’s giant backyard. So far, it’s been pretty ship-shape and far out. Honestly, the biggest challenge for most of us is staying awake during class, when it feels like you’re being rocked to sleep. Other than marine biology and oceanography class (where we conveniently learned that hurricanes are steadily getting worse in the Atlantic), small moments made the day for us. Dan taught members of watch team one more about celestial navigation, Matthew swore up and down on Poseidon himself that he saw a shark. Emmalee, Cylas, and Sydney made breakfast for dinner, allowing us to enjoy bacon for the first time in a long time. A group of us squished into a cabin to watch Ben 10 on a computer. Ian gave people his expired but still tasty candy (does that make us his dumpster?). Others were able to get homework done. Other than the smooth sailing and lallygagging (yes, that is a sailing term), there isn’t much else to report.

Time for Owl mail:
Mom and Dad- I miss you more than you know
Carolyn- Don’t watch too many Christmas movies without me, Especially Home Alone!
Whitney and the Hudson Family- thank you so much for your support, I hope this post is up to your expectations
Alicia- If you take the first letter of each sentence, it spells a message! Okay, maybe not. Anyways, missing you already
Karl and Marilyn- Can’t wait to talk to you again

Pictured: Lexy’s bunny slippers; CJ, Aric, and Ben, rocking out; Dan instructing CJ on celestial navigation
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