Location: Underway to Dominica

We started the day off with watches per usual, and as the sun came up, we were cruising around 10 knots! Who knew Argo could move so quickly. Watch team two had a great couple of pilates workouts, followed by watch team three who worked on their tans while the sun was finally given a chance to shine through a cloudless sky. After some delicious risotto for lunch, we headed down for oceanography class only to be interrupted by Captain Wiggy himself, we all raced upstairs on deck to find a 5 foot, 35lb Wahoo that he had just reeled in. After settling down, we continued through leadership class and then had time for showers. I’m not sure if anyone has elaborated on our deck showers yet, but let me explain: we tie up a hose that spews saltwater out at very high water pressures, so high that almost every day it finds a way to untie itself and flails around until someone can tame it long enough for the rest of us to shower. It’s honestly really comical and one of the funniest moments of the day. Then all of the action went to the kitchen, where head chef Amy was whipping up some amazing pizzas alongside Tina, who was creating an equally as delicious ceviche with our latest catch. Once everyone had filled their bellies over the top with pizza and fish, a pie was brought up made from fresh mangos and pears. Now I’m sure the entire crew will be sleeping good tonight after the feast we just had. Now onto night watches and many more days spent looking at the horizon enjoying sunrises and sunsets. P.S. Hi mom, I’m alive and doing well, I love and miss you.

Pictured: The chefs with all our delicious noms tonight (except the pie), watch team two getting a little workout in, Sydney and Aric with the Wahoo to show you how big it was.

Current Position:
22*00.75′ N
24*47.10′ W