Location: Underway to Dominica

Today was another great day in the rhythm of our Atlantic crossing. I will admit that some of us, mostly myself, are still feeling seasick, but we are hanging in there like champs. Though chefing and classes below deck present an extra challenge to the green amongst us, we always feel much better up on deck in the sunshine and breeze. We are still sailing with favorable winds! The only time we had to use the engine so far on this crossing was about 24 hours several days ago. Other than that, it has been peaceful with just the sounds of the wind and waves. The day was beautiful! It was perfect weather for sailing. I even spotted some playful dolphins in front of Argo when I was on bow watch this morning. After a sunny morning and some lunch, we had our VHF Radio exam in Seamanship with Dan, that’s Delta Alpha November, Dan. Next, we had Marine Biology with Amy, and we learned all about estuaries and the plants and animals that live in these important coastal habitats. Right before dinner, we watched a fantastic sunset, so we took a few shots. Pictured are Matthew and Lex on bow watch as well as a few shots of that sunset taken by Ben. Night watches are continuing now with the threat of some rainy squalls, but we know there is an adventure in every cloud.

Hello, my friends and family. I miss you, Emma.
-Oleg (Oscar Lima Echo Golf)
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