Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Today, after being woken up with our first fire drill and after a breakfast of muffins and fruit, we began another day under the Caribbean sun. After a morning dive at Mountain Point, we set a course for Gorda Sound. On the way, we raised three sails, including the foresail for the first time, and practiced a man overboard situation. Though the air was too light for us to travel without our propeller keeping us moving, the sight of a light breeze filling three huge sails on Ocean Star was satisfying for all. We anchored for the night, worn out but in high spirits.

We cooled off before dinner with our regular ocean showers, accompanied this time by a barracuda circling the boat and a huge remora resting on the hull. After dinner, we had our first maritime studies class and then got into our bunks to rest up for another exciting day on the sea.