Location: Gorda Sound, BVI

Greetings from Ocean Star! Today was another excellent day in the life. As per usual, it was pretty warm out all day, but that didn’t stop us from carrying out our awesome set of activities.

We started out with a snorkel in the Gorda Sound mangroves. There were upside-down jellyfish (no, someone didn’t just turn a bunch of jellies upside down), fireworms, damselfishes, and even a few small barracuda! We all were having such a fun time until one of our crew called for help because a barracuda had bitten her toe. Everyone on the snorkel responded super quickly and got her to the dock, and we are happy to say that she is a-okay.

After our exciting morning, we all worked on our mangrove species identification for our Marine biology class and then sat down to lunch. After lunch, we got to practice our sailing skills on a Hobie Catamaran. We spent the afternoon sailing, swimming and studying (yes, parents, I promise we ARE studying on this trip).

We moved over to Leverick Bay right before we had dinner. Right now, everyone is showering and getting ready for our first night out! It should be a total blast! That’s it for now.

Looking forward to another exciting day onboard tomorrow!