Location: Saba

With a usual wake-up at 0700, the chefs treated us to an unusual breakfast of bagels and flavored cream cheese. The delectable morning treat put the crew in an energetic mood to ready the boat for our sail to Saba. With ambitions of raising all six sails, sadly, the wind was not really blowing, and the passage turned into a calm motor-sail. Upon reaching our mooring in Saba, Ocean Star was greeted by a very large barracuda, and there was talk of sharks in the distance. We concluded our communication class late afternoon with the final exam and indulged in chicken chimichangas for dinner. The sunset was pristine and all reminiscent of our fleeting time together in this beautiful place. The trip is flying by, and every dinner we eat looking out onto the beautiful sunset reminds me, and I hope all the shipmates, how lucky we are to be here learning awesome things from these amazing people. As my final day as skipper, I would like to personally thank Simon, Dan, Beaker, Lisette, Boomer, and Chantale for everything they have shared with us throughout our time together. Their personalities and social abilities complement their academic teaching and general enlightening powers, creating a consistently positive atmosphere throughout the boats. The memories and friendships will be lifelong from here.