Location: Gustavia, St Barth's

We were up at 05:00, and Ocean Star had sails up and ready to go by 05:30. The passage to St Barth’s began, and the watch team 3 was the first to take command. Brett readied the fishing lines so we could attempt to catch fish during our passage. The waters were a little rough due to the bad weather from yesterday. The passage, however, was very pleasant because we sailed without the engine running. The weather was mostly overcast. The crew did a good job holding the ship on a tricky downwind broadbeach which was challenging. The passage was made timely and safely. However, no fish were caught. The crew dined hastily on tortellini, and then we struck sails, navigated into Gustavia, and anchored. After tidying up the deck and putting on sail, covers were all retired after a long day.