Location: Soufriere, St. Lucia

Today started off early with wake-ups at 6:30. We finished passage prep, quickly set five sails (Main to Flying Gib in under 19 minutes), then ate scrambled eggs and fresh bread baked made by head chef Aaron. Finishing breakfast, some of the girls presented a game called clue; we all picked a name, a location, and a weapon from pieces of paper and had to ‘kill’ our person in that manner. Nick got the first kill with Joaquin in the head with toilet paper, but many others were ended as well (this game is becoming very serious)! Sailing was beautiful, and all of the watch teams – especially watch team one – had a great time hanging out together. One of the best parts of the day was definitely seeing a pod of about ten adorable dolphins swim along Ocean Star. Arriving in St. Lucia around 4 pm, we moored and took in the incredible view. Shower time was entertaining as several students did backflips and various funny dives, and someone even spotted a sea turtle. The night finished off with delicious fish tacos, a how-to presentation on how to play a hilarious game by Yi, an Irving Johnson movie (part two including Exy!), and warm brownies. We can’t wait for what is in store here in St. Lucia.