Location: Peter Island

Today was an amazing day of sailing. Waking up beside Argo in Gorda Sound, we had a quick breakfast and immediately got Ocean Star ready to sail. By 8 am both boats were raising anchor and raising sails, and we impressed those around us by tacking and jibing back and forth a few times in Gorda Sound before proceeding out the narrow channel and down the Sir Francis Drake channel. The wind was good, and both boats had all six sails up for a good portion of the sail. Halfway through, Argo launched one of their dinghies to allow those shipmates interested to sail on the other boat, learn a slightly different boat, and take pictures of their own boat under full sail from a different perspective. After several sailing maneuvers, we continued to sail downwind to Peter Island, where we anchored in the early afternoon. After flaking the sails and putting our sail covers back on for the last time, we joined the Argo crew for a boom swing, and after dinner, we had a night dive on the wreck of the Fearless. To cap off the evening, we had a trivia challenge where the shipmates tested their knowledge of marine science, nautical science and diving, and other general knowledge they have acquired onboard Ocean Star. Conor C. was the happy winner of the challenge. It was a very busy day. We’re making the most of our last few days onboard Ocean Star!