Location: Virgin Gorda, BVI

Day 7

We have officially finished one full week here on Ocean Star, and I can speak for all of the students when I say that this week has been an amazing start to what I can tell is going to be an incredible adventure. The crew is finally starting to get our sea legs, and we are beginning to understand some of the words that the staff is saying when they’re instructing us to do things… kind of. Day 7 was a very great and exhausting one,fullof many fun and exciting activities.

We were all starting the day off a little bit slow, but when the smell of pancakes hit our noses, we all woke right up. The amazing pancake breakfast was the perfect way for us to start off our long day, and we all have Emma to thank for waking up early to work on that. After breakfast, we were all given shore time to go to land to hang out, go shopping, and go to the market to get some snacks to bring back to the ship.

After our time on the land, it was time for our first real sailing lesson! We were all so excited to be able to shut down Ocean Star’s engine, get her out on the ocean, and see what she could really do. However, we had no idea what we were doing and no idea how much work it would be to actually sail an 88-foot longboat. Thankfully we have a very patient and helpful staff that was able to teach us step by step what we needed to do to prep the boat and get the sails up and full of wind. After a process that definitely took way longer than it should have, we were actually sailing Ocean Star! It was incredible to see how beautiful the boat was when it had all of the sails up, and it was an awesome feeling to know that we were the ones to do it.

After that long day of raising sails, hauling lines, and practicing different maneuvers, it was time for a swim in the ocean and a big dinner. For dinner, we had another incredible meal of Thai peanut chicken and rice. As I am writing this, the rest of the crew is helping clean up from dinner, and the plan for the rest of the night is to go back onto shore and hang out at a beachside restaurant and bar and have a great time.

I hope everything is well at home with all of the parents, families, and friends reading this! We all miss you here on the boat.

Ryan Foulke