Location: Virgin Gorda, BVI

It seems that the seven days of snorkeling, diving, and learning the ropes (or should I say lines) of the ship we will be calling home for the next five weeks have finally caught up with us. I woke the crew up at 7:00 AM. And then, 7:05. Then, at 7:10, Jon climbed out of bed in his usual fashion and finally roused most of the crew with his grunting and stomping.

We can’t be around each other for too long without laughing and having breakfast together helped us all wake up. We then locked Ocean Star down for a day of sailing with some local kids. No matter how much you managed to pack into the day before or how tired you may be, there is no person that a group of excited kids can’t revive. From Ocean Star, we looked to the students waiting on the dock- sorting life jackets, stashing snacks in lunch boxes, and looking back at our ship with anticipation. Each crew member found a buddy for the day, and I think I speak for all of us when I say we learned as much as they did. As we waved goodbye to them on the dock, we were sad to see them go.

After spending the day out sailing, we had tacos and watched the sunset over the water – not a bad day.