Location: 10°49.58'S 124°25.70'E

Today was our second day on passage to Indonesia. After a beautiful sunrise and a leisurely morning, we all gathered on deck for a delicious lunch of hot lentil soup and leftover kangaroo meat. Following this scrumptious meal, the crew split up into groups based on the variety of tasks that raising all the sails entailed. It was a great learning experience for the crew members who had no sailing experience. The sea looked like a mirror, a zero on the Beaufort scale, and there was just a gentle breeze kissing the sails, making conditions ideal for getting the sails up.

This task took the majority of the afternoon. Seemingly simple on the surface, raising the mainsail, main staysail, and all the other sailing-related apparatus is a time-consuming effort because of both the mental and physical fortitude required. With all the sails up, Argo took it’s first stab at a controlled gybe much to the delight of the crew. Following this scintillating display of nautical prowess, the crew decompressed with a quick shower on deck and a mouth-watering chicken curry for dinner.

Tonight the crew sleep under a sky full of stars with some good sailing experience under their belt and with minds full of anticipation for what awaits tomorrow in Indonesia.