Location: 25*01.1'N 23*31.9'W (the middle of the ocean)

Hello landlubbers.
I am skipper once again on this here, vela!
Except for this time… a skipper on the Atlantic, spicy skipper if you will.
Day 4- no land, only sneaky subs.
I started my morning at 8 am with watch team 3. Normally I’m not a fan of the 8-12 watch, but today we woke up ready to go.
I brewed a cup of instant coffee, slightly burnt (brewhaha)
Shout out to James. He was our watch leader today.
We had nothing but good vibes and music as the sun continued to rise.
Watch teams are now competing in an epic workout battle of the century- who will win? Stay tuned…
Probably not me tho- im just here to provide moral support.
A turtle was spotted by G-money (Garret Lee, not Garrett Lee)
Snacks are a currency now as well- save your ramen, folks.
Some of us also got to use the sextant, learning about how people figured out where they were in the days prior to GPS.

For lunch, we had a sandwich bar and cracked into clean-up. This was the point in which I looked at the job wheel and saw I was skipper for the day.

We then got into classes-
for leadership today, we had a discussion led by Joe and Emerson
Talking about organization and teams.
Then we had a cool oceanography class, learning about currents.

After this, we split,
some on watch, some napping, and some fighting onions in the galley yet again.
For supper, the recipe didn’t quite end up as planned but was still delicious.
Thank you to Emerson, Freddie, and Bubba.

After this- watch team 3 (clearly the coolest watch team)
Had a dance party in the cockpit on watch-
dancing around, we realized some moves are harder to do while on a rocking boat.

We ended squeeze tonight with a victorious hoorah and a peaceful evening- in which I helmed.
Now, as I write this blog, I get a jump scare at the window -shout out to little Garrett- I jumped about a foot,
T’was a good laugh; however, I am now exacting my revenge.

Overall another great and calm day crossing the Atlantic!!

Your day 1, OG skipper,
Grace K <3

Photo 1: Jamie, Emma, and Sam squatting on watch
Photo 2: Me (Grace) on the helm and Garrett Lee Senior
Photo 3: Akiva, Dylan, Shona, Elle, and Henry during clean up


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