Location: Sardinia

Another day in Italy! We awoke today to some scrumptious french toast from our head chef Daniel. What a way to wake up! Afterward, we had an oceanography class with Heather, where we learned about fisheries and aquaculture. While we were in class, the rest of the staff raised anchor and moved us to another beautiful anchorage in the Sardinian islands. There were so many boats around-made for great people-watching. Some students went to shore and explored the Sardinian islands. There they did some hiking, lounged on the beaches, and enjoyed taking in the foreign atmosphere. Other students stayed aboard the ship and did some free diving and work, and enjoyed the sun. At dinner (which was again delicious), we had student elections for the student-led passage from Sardinia to Rome. Abi was elected as Skipper, Mal as first mate, Annie for engineer, and Tia and Sage for navigators. After dinner, we set up a small market in the cockpit where people traded goods, such as clothes and food, with other students (and some staff)another great day in the sun and waters of the Med. One week left, and we are all not exactly ready to leave, so let’s not talk about goodbyes just yet.