Location: Norman Island, BVI

Every day in every way it gets better and better. The day started off with the infamous Tor Tor Scramble. Following, the crew prepared the Ocean Star for our last sail as we headed out of Sandy Spit for Norman Island. The sail was a bitter sweet moment, as we all realized that it would be last time this crew of 16 would hoist Ocean Stars sails. After arriving to Norman Island almost completely under sail power, we all went on our last dive at the Indians where we saw some awesome coral reefs and fishes. Once we returned some of the crew went for our last Caribbean shower as others finally ventured up to the ominous crows nest. We then had a Mexican dinner followed by the customary closing program activities. As the program winds to an end it feels like the end of an amazing dream. Sea|mester has surpassed all of mine and the crews expectations, and I arrived ready to have the time of my life. I feel as though I can speak for the entire crew when I say we all have taken away something special from this trip.