Location: Soper's Hole, BVI

Everyone woke with a heavy heart, as we all knew that today was our last day on beautiful Ocean Star. No one had much time, however, to fully mourn this end of an era as we had a full day of one massive boat appreciation, giving back what Ocean Star has given to us. In the real world, doing the kind of chores bestowed upon us today by the staff would have been boring and dull. However, nothing is dull or boring on Ocean Star, and we had a great time. The Deck Team had a few unusual challenges. For example, I had to wear a respirator and rubber gloves to descend into the dark and ominous anchor locker to spray it down. I did not know what dangers lay ahead, but low and behold; I resurfaced, a bit sweatier and my hair a tad more straw-like, but proud of my service. Down below, the Galley and Salon team did a top job. It was funny to see Jess and Sydney get protective of the saloon, with Sydney grumbling that if anyone got her freshly mopped floor dirty, she’d chuck them overboard, We had time for a wander around Soper’s Hole and showers, and now we are off for a final dinner. Everyone has got spruced up, all the girls are wearing their best dress and the boys are actually wearing shirts for once! It’s going to be an emotional night, we have all grown very close, and it actually feels like we are one, if not slightly dysfunctional, family. I have loved every moment and will treasure these memories forever. So until the next time, cheerio!