Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Let me set the scene:
Classics are over, now go.
Set sail for Saba

Raise the main and the jib
Raise the main staysail as well
Raise the anchor too

Downwind sail at night
Nothing like it in the world.
Slide with wind and waves

Wake up its morning
The whole world is full of blues
Keep sailing the deep

Land like a mirage
Saba rises to meet us
Boobies escort us in

It is time for lunch
Who is the skipper? Oh. Its me.
Thats embarrassing

After lunch its class
Back to the grindstone again
Spring break is over

Energy is high
Singing and dancing on deck
This is why were here

The worlds our oyster
And everyday is a pearl
That we shall see it

Tomorrow we dive
Some of us have time ashore
On Thursday we switch

1) Saba
2) Saba slightly closer
3) Vela
4) Emma taking the main staysail halyard off (and showing off the baby wrench)
5) Teags sleeping at dinner