Location: Port de Gustavia, St. Barth's

Today was a very fun and interesting day. We started the day as usual with a 7 am wake up, then went into breakfast made by Kaiden and his sous chefs, which was veggie scrambled eggs and fruit salad. After cleanup, the rescue divers set up gear, loaded it onto the dinghy, and set off into the bay to find our diving spot. It turns out; someone was already there, so we improvised and switched to a beach, where we worked on our search and rescue skills by using different search patterns to find hidden weights on the bottom. Afterward, the non-rescue divers went snorkeling to check out the areas around the island.

Lunch was a farro salad, which was very, very good after diving and snorkeling. Then we went into cleanup and straight into study time for a few hours. Of which everyone split up into their own study groups and found different places to get work done and study for the test in Marine bio that we have tonight. Some people stayed onboard while others found cafes with snacks and wifi to help with the learning process. Overall, it was a pretty fun day, very chill, 10/10 would recommend. Now we are about to take the exam in Marine Bio, and then we are going for a night out to celebrate. We have really enjoyed our time in St. Barths!

Ridge Livermore

Pictured: St. Barth’s views; Nate, Matt, Ridge, and Matthew studying for the exam; Carolyn and Jon taking a quick floor nap before the night out.