Location: Gustavia, St. Barth's

Day 62 was a successful day for everyone; It was a free day today, which means everyone could do whatever they desired to do on the island. Some went to beaches, others went to fancy hotels, and some even stayed behind to study. The day started at 8:00 with a leadership class, and then people went off in all types of directions. The people that went to the fancy hotel got to experience a really cool beachfront and enjoyed super good food; some say that they had the best meal of their entire life and probably won’t get to experience anything like it ever again. The others went to the beach, and when they got back, they got to explain how nice it was just to lay in the sand and only hear the sound of waves crashing onto the beach. We eventually got back at a reasonable time, and when 3:00 came around, we got hit by a pretty big rainstorm. I personally really enjoyed the sound of the rain and the cool breeze that came with it. The people that stayed behind worked really hard to catch up on any studies they needed to catch up on or even get ahead in some classes. When the day was done, everyone came back to the boat and got to have pizza for dinner. The pizza was pretty good, and everyone really enjoyed it. After dinner, we had a marine biology review class to prepare for our exam tomorrow night. In the end, I believe that day 62 was a very nice and chill day for everyone, even those who stayed behind and studied.

Pictured: 1. sunset in the bay. 2. Joesph on the boom. 3. picture of the shore. 4. picture of the hotel. 5. Picture of the hotel’s beach. 6. Eli at the bow. 7. Eli at the bow (longer shot). 8. Matt and Steffen are eating lunch at the hotel.