Location: St. Barth's

Good night,

Today was a fun day here at Ocean Star! We woke up at 7:00 am as usual and had a delicious french breakfast made by Carolyn, Amanda, and Kennedy. We started our morning with some tasty sweet, and savory crepes. After clean-up, we had Oceanography. We had some interesting presentations in class today! Then, we got ready for a beach day/surf day. It was finally time to get our taxi, so we hopped into the sophisticated pulley system that gets us to shore via the dinghy, lots of lines, a block, and some dive weights. Our taxi was pretty nice, and we found out that Taiga (apparently a pretty famous rapper) was on the island.

We finally got to the beach around 10:00 am and headed straight to the beach. We rented some paddleboards, kayaks, and surfboards. Everyone really wanted to surf, so we took turns to get the boards. While some surfed, others had some cold drinks, and others just swam for a while. There were some pretty nice restaurants on the beach. Everyone was having so much fun surfing that I decided to try it out. It turned out that I spent more time underwater than on the actual board. Still, I loved the experience, especially having Kennedy watching and laughing. It was then time to have lunch. We headed to this cute little beachfront restaurant. I had the best Caprese salad ever, and there was this talented man playing his guitar and singing some Latin music, which made my lunch even better. So, it was almost time to head back.

We split up because some decided to stay longer and walk back, while others took the taxi back. When we got back, we had some shower time onshore. We had some free time left. I got some delicious chocolate/vanilla ice cream. AMAZING! We were back on O-Star by 5:00 pm. The chefs were getting ready for what turned out to be a delicious meal! I tried lychee dessert today, and now it’s my new addiction. We are currently at clean up and getting ready to have a class with the Cap. After Seamanship, we will hopefully go to bed. Tomorrow is going to be a fun day also, so sleep tight!


Pictured: Jill and Amanda excited to get in the water; getting a mini surf lesson before we all headed in; beautiful view of the water and sky; live entertainment at lunch; Eli on the bow; Brit, Matt, and Matthew enjoying the sunset; Amanda, Kennedy, and Carolyn taking a quick break from the galley on deck with Jill and Joseph.