Location: Union Island

After filling up this morning on tasty coffeecake and fruit, we started the day off on the right foot with two science classes in the theme of the wonders of ocean biology (by the way, science rocks!!!). We discussed everything from how octopi (that’s plural for octopus) are the smartest invertebrates to the fact that ancient marine plankton are responsible for the white cliffs of Dover. After class, shipmates had free time ashore to enjoy the beaches, shop at produce and craft markets, snorkel off the boat, and work diligently on a marine biology essay due tomorrow. It was a fairly quiet and relaxing Saturday on the island. This quietness was soon broken on Ocean Star when an “epic” dance party and fun-fest spontaneously occurred in the foc’sle this afternoon (the smallest forward living compartment in the ship). While I write this, another beautiful sunset is coming to a close over the turquoise waters of Union, and we are getting ready to start another oceanography class. Hope that all is well back in the world!