Location: Barbados

The day started off nice and late at 7:00 AM with wake-ups and a nice and simple breakfast of yogurt, granola, and fruit. After clean up, the Open Water students divided up into two groups to knock out the last of their confined water skills. Kip, Sophia, Nate, Frida, and Kaden went with Jake and Emma. Benno, Charlton, Maddy, Arielle, and Alva were all in Steph and Freddie’s group. While they were practicing the last of their skills, the certified students, Lazlo, Christina, Mads, Connor, and I, had something of a chill morning where we could relax, study, grab a coffee at the restaurant nearby, and talk to our families. Once the confined students were wrapping up their skills, the advanced students got geared up for a fish ID training dive, along with the certified divers who wanted to fun dive. Jake took us around the jetty, where we saw schools of reef fish and a young turtle feeding. Once we got back lunch was ready, it was a delicious baked mac and cheese, perfect for after a morning of diving. After lunch, we had leadership, where Christina and Mads gave their destination presentation for Barbados, the home of Rihanna, and Maddie and Alva gave their presentation on communities. We then had a workshop for using the recreational dive planner (RDP), a method of calculating safe diving no decompression limits without using a potentially expensive computer. After learning the RDP, the open water students had their final knowledge exam, while the advanced students and certs got to go on a wreck dive on the wreck of the Pamir right outside our marina. It was in excellent condition, sitting perfectly upright on the bottom. After the dive, we returned to the boat to get ready for our first sign-out night since Cape Town at Bombas restaurant. We got to enjoy a delicious round of rum punch, and I got the blackened kingfish, which was incredible. After a fun night out, we retired to the boat to relax, wind down, and go to bed.