Location: Atlantic Ocean

The rising sun brought with it a surge of rain and wind, yet luckily watch team two was on deck and brought us safely through the weather. Watch team three took over at 0800 and only experienced a slight drizzle, though the spray put forth by the bow as we lurched down one wave and up the next was enough to douse those on bow-watch. By 0900, the sky reflected a cheery blue with intermittent, puffy, state-fair-cotton-candy clouds that seemed to cross over us as if on a leisurely summer stroll. The shipmates have all greatly improved their sea legs over the past 24 hours, and this growing confidence in maneuverability has brought with it an increasingly elated mood. The wind held strong throughout the morning, and as shipmates cycled through the helm, we were able to stay impressively on course. As the shipmates started class this afternoon, the wind began to die down a bit, so we trimmed in our sails and turned on the main engine to give us a little boost in speed. All are hopeful that tonight will afford us more wind and the chance to once again harness the clean power from the skies. As we finished a delicious dinner of pork and vegetable kabobs with pasta salad and pumpkin sauce, we all one-by-one cast our gaze off the port side and marveled at the setting sun. The sky was cloudy, but no one seemed to mind the rich purple hues that so eloquently framed the pink, fuzzy-bordered sun as it made its final departure, bidding us a temporary farewell, calm seas, easy-sailing, and good wind.