Location: San Cristobal, Galapagos

Today the crew of Argo was granted the opportunity to wake up to the beautiful sight of the Galapagos’ San Cristobal island. The morning began with an early 6:45 wake up call, followed by a quick breakfast and clean up. At 8 o’clock everyone piled into two tour boats and headed out to explore the land of Darwin. The tour entailed swimming with sea lions, unfazed and often curious of the strangers with snorkels, stingrays, blue-footed boobies (a type of local bird), the only marine iguanas in existence, and hundreds of other species unique to this series of islands. Following our exploration of frigid waters and huge volcanic structures sticking out of the thousands of feet deep Pacific Ocean the majority of the crew headed to shore. Around every corner, Argonites could be found enjoying the local cuisine, such as conch, catching up with family members back home via the internet cafes or buying t-shirts with the Galapagos National Park logo on them. By 6 o’clock everyone was back onboard, ready for the night’s squeeze question and of course hungry for Graham pie. The question brought the crew back to their childhoods with the Argo version of a Mad Lib. For all those that don’t know the definition of a mad lib, it is a story where nouns, adjective, adverbs and verbs have to be added prior to reading, making it all the more entertaining in its entirety. As requested here is Argo’s story:andlt;br /andgt;andlt;br /andgt;Argo Mad Lib: A Night Outandlt;br /andgt;Another adj friendly day was coming to an end aboard Argo, when crew name Squid, the skipper of the day announced a night out for the crew. A loud sound of excitement whoa could be heard for number 18 miles around. Before the dinghy times could be decided upon the girls, led by crew name Dani, were down the companionway preparing to verb jump the night away. After everyone put on their matching piece of clothing underwear it was time for one final briefing. Boomer had the crew count off than advised Boomerism don’t be a muppet and remember to sign out this evening andlt;br /andgt;After everyone had signed their lives away, they verb swam into boomrod. adverb Swimmingly staff member Danimal shuttled the crew to shore. Upon arrival, everyone began verb hiking to the closest noun Graham pie and went inside. Except for crew name Dash who found the closest noun Booby (bird from today). Inside the crew ordered a round of noun sea lion and headed to a noun vasectomy to sit and talk about the day. andlt;br /andgt;They talked mostly about verb bouncing underwater and verb flying with the sea lions and adj ugly iguanas. The best part of the day for some was when crew name Harrison and crew name Anna jumped overboard, swam to place Kicker Rock, back and found the elusive indigenous noun potato. andlt;br /andgt;By 11 o’clock everyone had grown fairly adj narly and was ready to head back to Argo. But before crew name Alex could head back he had to buy one last noun paint. Making the night complete.andlt;br /andgt;andlt;br /andgt;Following dinner, the Marine Biology class and anyone else that wanted to participate pulled out their blankets and pillows and enjoyed the original March of Penguins before bed. andlt;br /andgt;andlt;hr width=’100’/andgt;andlt;div align=’center’andgt;andlt;tableandgt;andlt;trandgt;andlt;tdandgt;andlt;