Location: Underway to Caribbean

McGee woke me up around ten so we could finish our Marine Bio essays (on marine plastic) together. It was due at midnight, but I had watch from eight to twelve, so I got it done before then.

Lunch, consisting of chicken quesadillas, was soon after. It was enjoyable because its been so nice out, sunny and warm, and the ocean has been so calm, considering were halfway across the Atlantic. Without time for a break, we jumped into Marine Bio class. The lecture was on the Arctic vs Antarctic, with a focus on the marine animals in those regions. Leadership class was right after. We discussed the similarities/differences between the two movies we have watched so far, Maiden and White Squall, and how they compare to our experience on Argo. Both movies were great, and Im excited to show White Squall to my family :). My favorite moment of the day was glancing up the companionway as I listened to the discussion and noticing the main mass swing side to side under the brightest blue sky with the smell of bacon cooking in the background (in preparation for breakfast for dinner).

Before people could hurry off to their bunks, I announced it was time for the main event of the day: Secret Santa. We piled gifts under the babaloo and took turns grabbing the gift labeled with our number and guessing who it was who gifted it to us. This continued until everyone got their present. It was really exciting to see peoples reactions to their awesome, funny, thoughtful gifts. Greta got me a keychain with heart glasses because I am known to always wear sunglasses with hearts. I loved it!! I gifted Miles a Nerf gun. Wednesday, I got fuzzy socks. Rob got a Lightning McQueen towel. Erik got an elf on the shelf and a flying saucer pen. Joe got a Christmas sweater vest and a Pikachu hat. Anna got a hugging monkey and made Del a knitted hat. Plus, there was a lot of candy in between. Before dinner, I chatted with Fifi, who I dont get as much time with since switching watch teams and talking with her always makes me happy. Breakfast for dinner was scrambled egg sandwiches with bacon (so yummy). After dinner, I went down below only to notice someone had put up Christmas lights between cabins, which was so cute and festive!