Location: Bequia, St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Today we had a free day to explore Bequia which has been one of my favorite islands that we have visited thus far. Some of us sought out the turtle sanctuary to hold baby sea turtles and Gabe, our turtle enthusiast, taught us that sea turtles actually enjoy having their shells rubbed. Others rented bikes to explore the island. Those that were lucky enough to rent bikes that didn’t break after a few miles had a full day of biking around the island, making it to half moon hole, which are these stone houses built right into the cliffs and caves. A few of us, myself included, took a boat taxi out to the caves and were dropped off at a beach outside of town for a little rest and relaxation. At some point during the afternoon we all found ourselves caught in a rain storm but the fresh water rinse was a welcomed cool down from the Caribbean sun. As this is my last skippers blog, I want to mention what my favorite part of today was. To everyone back home it may seem insignificant compared to the adventures we are having onshore and the amazing places we’ve been, but what struck me with great emotion today was a moment that you can only experience on Argo. As we were preparing to leave Bequia, I stood at the helm and in front of me 23 other people were working together in complete unison to prepare Argo for departure. Everyone knew exactly what lines to sweat and handle, to raise Argos anchor and sails and we got everything done that needed to be done in mere minutes as we all worked together for Argo. Ive found during the last 70 days, it is seemingly insignificant moments during the day when everyone is together and working hard that blow me away.