Location: Marigot Bay, St Lucia

With a normal wake up of 7 am, we felt well-rested and prepared to take on the day. While scuba diving group one got their gear prepared for the morning, the rest of us spent the time studying and finishing up our leadership essays. Shortly after we finished up preparations for the dive, the SMMA (Soufriere Marine Management Association) group arrived to give a presentation on their organization’s mission and discuss what the morning dive would be like. We then headed out on their boats to our dive spot and finished our deep dive for our Advanced Open Water course while a member from their group watched over us and hunted lionfish. By the end of the dive, he had speared four lionfish in 20 minutes! Lolo then spent the rest of the morning after we got back, teaching us the anatomy of this invasive species as well as gutting and cleaning it for dinner later in the day. The second dive group dove a spot called Superman’s Flight due to the strong current they can get there. Both groups had a great time diving, and we are one step closer to our next dive certification!

After a delicious lunch of spaghetti alfredo, we then made our way over to Marigot Bay. We then were given a couple of hours to work on assignments as well as take showers onshore, which may not seem like a luxury to most, but to those of us on the boat, it was one of the greatest feelings ever. After showers were finished, we started our dinner of pork, mashed potatoes, and kale salad on deck, but then the rain started to pick up, and we had to scurry down into the salon. This evening we have our fourth sign out the night, which for most is a well-deserved treat after all the hard work that was put in this week.

Thank you for everyone’s support back home. Love you all, and I’ll see you guys soon.