Location: Tobago Cays

We started the day by going over to Ocean Star for our 8:00 Nautical Science and 9:00 Oceanography classes. Boomer, Simon, and Dan started us on the Coastal Navigation unit that will last us to the end of the trip. We also got a stern talking to about radio etiquette and not making monkeys of ourselves over the most widely received channels. We learned some more about taxonomy in Oceanography and started free time around 10:00. People were split between 3 major occupations: paper writing, windsurfing, and falling off the windsurfing boards. Shipmates were shockingly studious for the second day in a row and managed to stay down below working for the majority of daylight. Mark, Eric, Peter, and I went snorkeling and saw a big ray and a pair of inseparable butterflyfish. The only thing that got the most dedicated students (i.e., Natty) was the short squall (50 knots of wind!) we had after dinner. We dropped our secondary anchor, and Theo hurt her hand in the process, but she’s a trooper, and the swelling went down quickly under Boomer and Julia’s expert care. Good day.