Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

As we climbed up the companionway this morning, we awoke to the sheer cliffs of Saba towering above Ocean Star. The island is green and covered in plants except for the rocky, vertical cliffs on the leeward side of the island where we dropped anchor to spend last night. After breakfast, we went back down below deck for another day of classes aboard our floating school. The best thing about this trip is that some days feel like school and other days just feel like a vacation. Today we were able to fit school and vacation into one day.

In Oceanography, we learned about the difficulties in negotiating the formation of marine protected areas. Everyone was assigned a role as a fisherman or conservationist. After lots of arguments, the lesson was thoroughly learned. It can be difficult to implement conservation projects in coastal areas that rely on fishing. After this, we had a review session for Seamanship as we have our final exam on coastal navigation in just a few days. We then ate lunch and split up into two dive groups to see what Saba had to offer beneath the waves with the guidance of Sea Saba Dive Center.

Saba is one of the few islands in the Caribbean thats surrounding coastline is entirely protected, making the diving here incredible because the reefs are in such good condition. We saw several sea turtles and two white tip reef sharks that were the highlight of our dives today. After a busy day of classes and diving, we ate dinner and then returned to the classroom because there were still a few more hours left in the day to be productive. We then gave our group research presentations for Oceanography about experiments that we had been conducting throughout the entire trip, and this took us well into the night. After all the presentations were through, we all ate brownies on deck to celebrate another great day onboard Ocean Star.