Location: Ladder Bay, Saba

Waking up at seven, we brushed our teeth before heading up on deck for breakfast, where the lovely Emily had prepared a splendid breakfast quiche for us. We then began to sail. The sail from Statia to Saba was long and arduous, but alas, we made it out alive (just kidding, it was actually a lovely smooth sail for the most part). We got hit by a small squall on the way out of Statia, but after the rain had passed, the sailing was calm. We arrived a quarter of an hour afternoon after lunch had already taken place underway. The heat was particularly potent, and we were all tired after putting the boat away. So when the call for shower time came, it was like Heaven’s bells was ringing in the air. “Cleanliness has never been so well received by adolescents,” I thought to myself. We all jumped off the boat happily, another end to a great day. Later we will have some class and a quiz, but right now, I am just happy to hop in the ocean again!