Location: Underway to the Azores

All faces on Argo are creased with the smiles of very happy sailors as we begin our first night at sea. The day commenced with many busy final preparations for the journey across the Atlantic, with all members of the crew bustling about the ship, one thing on their minds — the vast ocean before them and the growing sense of uncertainty and excitement as the time grew closer to depart the known world. Finally, the ship began to make its way through the harbor, islands on all sides, framing the vast ocean in the distance. The crew worked together to set the sails, growing ever-more exhilarated as the swells grew, and the wind blew. At last, they were alone in a world of seawater, with nothing but the horizon as a definitive variable. Now, as the first stars of the night begin to twinkle, the crew sails steadily on, ready to embrace the many days ahead as an active group of brave and devoted companions.

Although this last paragraph may seem like a work of fiction, us sailors on Argo can attest to its true nature. We are, at last, on our way across the Atlantic Ocean. We’ve all agreed on the dream-like quality of this day, embracing it wholeheartedly with wide-open arms and smiles on our faces. The glee and joy that consumed the ship made this day so unbelievably memorable — the perfect beginning to an incredible adventure. Spirits are high as we continue onward, five sails full, and millions of stars awaiting.

Sending my love to all those onshore — Nina xx