Location: Underway to Azores

Hello, world!

It’s the end of our first full day of passage to the Azores. Getting used to life at sea has been quite an adjustment for many of us. Whether it’s been doing our daily chores, using the heads, eating in the cockpit, or just moving around the boat, all of it’s been done under (almost) full sail. We’re learning that seasickness comes in waves. Today, many of us spent a bit of time hanging off the low side or carrying buckets around with us when we haven’t been asleep. While on bow watch last night, I was able to spot a cruise ship from over ten miles away! This afternoon bow watch spotted a big yellow buoy off the starboard side our ship, and we all got our cameras out since it was the first thing we’ve been able to see since we left the land. The catch of a beautiful fish (mahi-mahi) a little before dinner brought even more excitement to our day! Today in our seamanship class,, we had a lesson on how boats of all shapes, sizes, and purposes are able to move. Our experience has helped us feel more confident at the helm and has given us a greater understanding of how boats work. Our meals today ranged from stuffed bell peppers and mashed potatoes to apples and crackers for those who weren’t feeling great. As we get more settled into our daily routine and how life works aboard a continually moving boat, we feel less anxious about not having any land in sight. We’re continuing north, towards Bermuda putting more and more distance between us and the BVI’s. The passage will be a long one, but we are all in high spirits and are excited for the days to come.

Until next time,